Zipify One Click Upsell vs Clickfunnels – Which One Will EXPLODE
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Zipify One Click Upsell vs Clickfunnels Which One Will EXPLODE ...

Zipify One time offers one Click Upsell vs thrive themes vs Clickfunnels - Which is also a One Will EXPLODE profits and grow Your Ecommerce Shopify Sales? - ECOM-SCHOOL. Goto Appearance > Menus -: for it's ease of setting up menu. Zipify One time offers one Click Upsell vs thrive themes vs Clickfunnels - Which is like a One Will EXPLODE profits and grow Your Ecommerce Shopify Sales?. Zipify One time offers one Click Upsell vs thrive themes vs Clickfunnels - Which is also a One Will EXPLODE profits and grow Your Ecommerce Shopify Sales? What's going to pop up Empire builders on the web today got agood video below and see for you I will say i know the lastcouple days I've ever had have been talking about anapp called zip off' i checked with leadpages and again i toldyou guys like justin who i was testing on top of this out in myShopify store increased revenue changes or spikes in oneweek by giving the user three thousand dollars in development costs so istart recommending something over infusionsoft it to you guysbecause it's going to be awesome and also give a chance to mycoaching students because i know itworks and it's the only paid app reallythat you should be using in your Shopifystore but a few people reach out to meI'm like ok so what's the differencebetween click funnels and zip off' I youknow which one should I be using likeyou should I do I need both that's a lotof money every month and guysthe sad truth of the matter is yes youneed to be using both and here is whyguys firstly I understand that ninetyseven dollars a month for click funnelsis expensive plus the forty sevendollars a month for zip fi is expensivebut think about it that's only like whatwhat is it 1:44 a month it's a hundredforty-four dollars a month for two appsthat will generate sales for yourbusiness that is the number one thingyou need to understand for youre-commerce business the only thing thatmatters is making sales that is it andthese two apps will increase your salesto your store so what's the differencebetween the two what's the difference weclick funnels and click funnels and zipif I well I'm going to talk about alittle bit about as if my pages as wellthis all kind of blends together becauseis if my pages basically their landingpage offering as well as one-clickupsell which is their after checkoutsequences where you can upsell peoplestuff and click funnels actually for thenine $97 a monthprice tag you get both awesome landingpages plus all the one-click upsells andall that all that good stuff so what'sthe difference well first let's talkabout let's talk about zip if I'm withzip of Phi which is an amazing app of 47dollars a month with zip if I people gofrom your product page product page tocheck out right they go to a checkoutpage I'm just gonna write it in twowords don't hate they go to check uphydrogen after they put in their paymentinformation there they get sent to anupsell page where you can sell them adifferent product upsell and then ifthey say yes or no doesn't really matteryou could send them to another upsellsequence if you want it really the sky'sthe limit what happens herewhoopsie is if they say if you can do anupsell again or you can do a down sellagain like I just said it doesn't matterit's repeating myself but you can offeran upsell or down so up so /a down selloh I hate when it's like that whateverand then they get their confirmationpage all good guys that is perfectconfirmation so we're increasing ouraverage cart value by 10 to 25 percentin our Shopify store with thisabsolutely key for your Shopify storesuccess because you will see 10 to 25%of your customers will take an upsell ora down sell that you offer them you willincrease your average car file which isabsolutely a critical thing tounderstand guys because out of a hundredcustomers that come through your doorlet's say 10 people take your ups ordown so that's a huge amount of revenuethat you're leaving on thewhich is great zip if I allows us to dothat we can up so we can upsell down sothrough our Shopify store after checkoutit's the only app that can do that it'shugehowever there it's limited guys it'slimited with for instance clickfunnelsyou can offer a quantity right so hereis our product page I need to make thissmaller actually I need to make this guya lot bigger so with click funnels and Ialways recommend click funnels for coldtraffic you need to understand that forcold traffic or paid traffic you useclick funnels why because your averagecart values and click funnels willtypically be higher if you have yourthings set up properly right right so onclick funnels we have an opt-in pageright which is kind of like zip if Ipages right it's a landing page where wecollect an email right and say we'redoing some sort of offer here runningFacebook traffic to this landing pageright and we're doing a 50% off 50% offtoday only all right we're doing ittoday only offer 50% off right we'recollecting an email which is an assetfor your business but now when they puttheir email in they get to an order formpage so on that order form we now cansell them the product at 50% off but thecool thing here that we can do is we canoffer different quantities so my magicnumbers are 1 2 4 6 & 8 right so I'lloffer them one product 50% off toproducts that maybe 55% off for productsat 60 blah blah blah blah blah all thatgood stuff but doesn't stop there guysanother thing you can add here is calledan order bump so an order bump is whereyou can add in another product of yoursor a warranty or anything thatcomplements whatthey're buying here and it's just a tickof a button they just click yes I wantthat and they'll charge right away sowe'll call this the bump so now as youcan see there are gonna be a lot moreentice to not just buy one cuz they'regonna see hey five by four six or eightI get even a bigger discount maybe I canuse this as a present or something and Ican get this order bump which could beyou know expedited shipping it can be awarranty it could be you know acomplementary product usually you wantto have this I usually like to have thispens on the product I do for me Iusually this product is like seventeenbucks or something like thatseventeen ninety seven around there it'susually more expensive than these upsellproducts it's usually around the priceof buying four so I kind of like it liketo keep those around the same priceagain don't have to I'm just letting youknow that's what I do so order formafter the order form and they put in alltheir credit card billing shippinginformation here on the order form rightwhat happens now well we send them toanother page so we already have theircredit card information and all thatgood stuff and now we send them to anone time offer page or an upsell page soI'll just call it upsell upsell one andhere what we can do is we can saysomething along the lines of hey howabout how about for you for for anotherseventy percent of whatever it isseventy percent off so you're doingsomething like oh it's a one-time offertoday only you can get another for addedto your order blah blah blah and thenthey can either eitherobviously have the choice here to clickyes or no for the sake of argumenteither way if they click yes or no I'mgoing to send them to a down sell pageor what I'll just call upsell number twobecause we're sending both of them to itso now we have upsell number twoby the way guys the reason I'm sellingyour set you're sending them more of thesame product so the products are sellingyour order form are the same ones you'regonna sell here and here you just peoplelove buying more of the same productsthey love buying more of the same thingbecause they can use that as gifts theycan use it especially if this is like aproduct that people can use that it'skind of like a reusable productsposeable product where it you knowpeople can lose it they it's aconsumable or something like that peoplelove having extra stuff in stock but onthe second upsell I'll usually addproduct let's say I'll say two for howabout two for seventy seventy percentoff and usually you'll get a lot ofpeople that take this one as well socool right well you can you can keep upselling that's the cool thing aboutclickfunnels you can keep up sellingproducts and it's fully customizablethat's the one thing you have tounderstand it's fully customizable youcan add in a ton of stuff through yoursequence and you're sending co trafficto it and making money or you'rebreaking even almost every time you'reactually usually making money not onlybreaking even on this funnel so lets uskeep this simplebecause this is like the exact funnelthat i shared with you guys in thedescription below you can get this exactsales funnel that i use and then we'lljust do our confirmation page so ourconfirmation page blah blah blah so whydo i like sending cold traffic to aclick funnels page right well thebiggest reason is you need to becollecting an asset aka an email addressfrom your prospects right how are youdoing that if you're sending people toyour Shopify store that has this upselldown style sequence set up you're notmaybe you have some pop-ups and all thatgood stuff but only a smallpercentage will enter or opt that inhere when you're sending cold traffic toyour clickfunnels page you know Facebookemail swaps Google AdWords whateveryou're doing to get cold traffic you'reat least collecting an asset right hereyou're collecting an email address andyou more like most likely more likelythan not will be making money after yourpaid advertisement so say you spend $100on Facebook ads this week in your clickfunnels page you will most likely ifyour sales funnel is set up properly youwill probably make $300 on the back endor $500 on the back end or whatever youryour kind of like break-even point isand breaking even if you are breakingeven isn't bad either guys it's not badto break even on a funnel because againyou're collecting this email so what doyou do with this email later right youthen you send them to your Shopify storeand send them through this upsell downcell sequence right deal are you gettingthat is it making sense right you wantto collect the email through a clickfunnels page upsell them here and youcan customize this in a ton of differentways much more so than you could do inzip tie but this is why you need bothright this is why you need both you haveto for cold traffic you need to besending it here this is a mistake I seeso many Shopify owners make right theyonly care about the first sale theydon't care about anything else they justwanna make that first sale make somemoney and be done with it when you'reactually leaving a ton of money on thetable right just because you're sendingcold traffic here they might not buyfrom you today right but they gave youtheir email they might buy from you aweek from now two weeks from now threeweeks from now and that's where themoney is made guys that's where themoney is made so guys I I hope you dounderstand this but if you do get clickfunnels if you have click funnels setupalready here and you also have your yoursupply pages the links will be indescription below shoot me an emailbecause I will send you over my five-dayemail sequence that I use for newsubscribethat come into my business what is thatwell five day email sequence this isgold this is where the money is made sosay somebody comes into yourclickfunnels worldright they come in code traffic youcollect the email you wanna you're gonnasend them to your Shopify page right andyou want to start making sales on thebackend right this is backendthis is back-end and this is front-endalright how do you start now selling tothe people that you have emails for wellthat's where my email sequence comes inbecause let me draw this in a differentmaybe a color that stands out now what'sgonna happen let me delete this too so Ican make some room now what's gonnahappen when you collect that email withmy five-day email sequence what yourwhat's gonna happen is you're gonna haveevery day for five days you're gonnasend these new leads of yours emailsright and they are very specific emailsthey don't just push sales right off thebat they are explained completely in thePDF guide that I have with my exactemail templates that you can just plugand play your business information so ifyou buy either the one-click upsell orclick funnels below shoot me an emailyou can obviously find my contactinformation on e-commerce Empirebuilders dot-com under a contact sectionyou'll see the email there or just reachout to me saying hey I got it and myassistant will get you our PDF that goesover these five emails so these areabsolutely critical guys or killerabsolutely killer so hope you found thisvideo helpful I hope it makes sense onwhy you kind of need both zipa Phi aswell as click funnels of for your emailbusinesses and I didn't hit on this toomuch but zipa Phi pages is basically alanding page offering thathas I recommend it if you're only goingto use if you're only going to use a zipa fie and you're refusing to get cookfunnels for whatever reason you'relosing a lot of money but if you this isbasically the zip if I pages this entirethis right here collect it's a landingpage right it's collecting emailscollecting leads that's exactly whatdoes if I pages is except withclickfunnelsyou're getting all of this too so yourmind as well get zip if I one-clickupsell and click funnels do you thosewhat only two apps you need to actuallymay start making a ton of extra sales soguys sorry I'm rambling here hope youfound this video helpful please likecomment subscribe all the resources willbe down in the description belowif you want my five-day email sequencethat we put all of our email subscribersthrough to generate a ton of sales onour Shopify store let me know you'llshoot us an email after you obviouslyget click funnels or zip fly pages or asif I out one-click upsell and we willget that to you so you could startmaking a ton of extra money in yourecommerce store guys remember yourempire starts now. My very profitable clickfunnels FREE $2,500 Per Week Sales page using deadline Funnel -. ...... 5 and not the STEP GUIDE TO your clickfunnels and START MAKING MONEY off of your ONLINE ...... In today's video to see how we go over $1000 to get some of the google map api key differences you through thembut you need to know about the difference between Clickfunnels and Zipify One time offers one Click Upsell for link audits on your ecommerce store. Global Shopping Rewards, Inc. eCommerce shop for the load and get paid. MAGENTO 2 scratch 2017 is an archive The First Step guide on how to Open Your ecommerce.

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